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  • Recorded Webinar from June 4, 2020
Tales from the IPR Counsel's Table

Please join Fitch Even for a free webinar, “Tales from the IPR Counsel’s Table,” on June 4, 2020, at 9:00 am PDT / 10:00 am MDT / 11:00 am CDT / 12 noon EDT.

As is often the case with new legal proceedings, inter partes review (IPR) has evolved over the nearly eight years since being established. Primarily intended to a be a lower-cost, faster path to determining a validity challenge to a patent, this proceeding and its CBM and PGR cousins have morphed into highly contested, high-stakes affairs. Motion practice, additional evidentiary filings and briefing, and complex cost-benefit analysis for each step in the process have turned IPRs from a relatively straightforward procedure into more of a litigation-like experience.

During this webinar, we will explore the evolution of the IPR and the tactical decisions practitioners and their clients face while navigating the process, covering these topics and more:

  • A comparison of the current IPR process to its original form
  • Strategic concerns at each stage of the proceeding
  • The importance of “evidence” beyond the prior art grounds and the challenge to the patent
  • How IPR counsel must weigh the effect of the IPR on co-pending litigation
Our speakers will be Fitch Even partners Nicholas T. Peters and Paul B. Henkelmann.

Nick focuses his practice on patent licensing, patent post-issuance proceedings, sophisticated patent portfolio management, and the prosecution of complex patents. He uses his litigation experience to advise clients on managing patent risk and leverages his extensive USPTO experience into successful representation in post-issuance proceedings work. Nick was ranked among the top 10 most-active attorneys representing patent owners in IPR proceedings based on data collected from 2013 through 2019.

Paul focuses his practice on patent post-issuance proceedings, patent procurement, patent litigation, and IP portfolio management. Nationally recognized for his active practice before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, he has represented clients in dozens of IPR proceedings.

A recording of this webinar is available through June 3, 2021. 

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