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Chemicals and Chemical Engineering

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP provides a full range of intellectual property legal services to clients involved in chemical technologies. Our insights relating to chemical technologies span a broad range of industry sectors, such as chemical and oil refining, food chemistry, pharmaceuticals, industrial coatings (including conversion coatings), paper manufacturing, wastewater treatment, agricultural applications, specialty chemicals, polymers, polymer films, and catalysts. Our firm assists clients involved in these technologies, ranging from some of the world’s largest petrochemical producers to smaller specialized chemical companies integral for Chicago’s industrial infrastructure to a variety of universities and other research centers.

Members of our team have in-depth understanding (including advanced degrees and industry experience) in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and material science, and are active in such leading organizations as the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Fitch Even lawyers are skilled at procuring patent protection for complex chemical technologies and seemingly simple advances alike. We understand the examiners who examine applications in these areas, and often meet with them concerning pending applications. As a result, our lawyers know how to tailor patentability arguments to the distinguishing characteristics of the compound, composition, or formula involved, and have the technical savvy and legal experience to effectively use those distinctions to secure protection. Equally important, we appreciate the difficulty of gaining patentability for seemingly simple product applications. Often the strategy starts with asking the right questions of the inventor and bringing out the important nuances of the improvement that can be used to gain U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approval.

Fitch Even’s services and expertise in chemical technology extend beyond patent drafting and prosecution. For example, we regularly provide non-infringement and invalidity opinions to clients engaged in these areas. Our extensive firm-wide capabilities in post-grant proceedings are particularly important in maintaining the validity of chemical patents. And our firm has handled patent and trade secret litigation across the chemical technology spectrum and has conducted successful infringement litigation and trials for both patent holders and challengers.

At every stage of the intellectual property management cycle, chemical industry clients rely on Fitch Even for the creativity and experience necessary to maximize and protect the use of their intellectual property assets.

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