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Professional and Community Activities

Professional Activities

Fitch Even Partner David Kogan Speaks at International Economic and Venture Forums

July 23, 2021

In recent months, Fitch Even partner David M. Kogan was an invited speaker at two conferences, the Russian Venture Forum and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. In both cases, David was the sole U.S. intellectual property law attorney serving as a panelist for the given programs.

On April 8, during the Russian Venture Forum, David participated in “A Deal with Intelligence: Heading for Capitalized IP,” a 90-minute panel discussion on the importance of IP protection to start-up companies in ensuring the core technology of the start-up is protected against its competition and attracting potential investors through a comprehensive patent portfolio. David and the other panelists also reviewed the differences between Russian and U.S. patent law, as well as the steps involved in the patenting process and their related costs.

On June 5, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, David participated in “Intellectual Property: New Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs,” a panel discussion on the burgeoning role of intellectual property in the high-tech sector and in the science and technology industry in general. The panelists explored how best to encourage and support young innovators from a wider range of backgrounds and educate them on the patent process and its importance to entrepreneurs. 

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