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Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP offers comprehensive copyright protection through effective use of intellectual property laws for a wide range of media, including printed publications, software, secured tests, soft sculptures, and comic books. We offer creative advice to clients on how to secure rights in their original literary, dramatic, musical, pictorial, graphic, audiovisual, recorded, and artistic works. That includes advice on notice and deposit requirements, registration of copyright claims with the United States Copyright Office, and guidance regarding international copyright issues.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in sorting out copyright ownership issues and in deciding the associated rights to reproduce copyrighted material, to prepare derivative works, and to distribute, perform, and display those works publicly. We are also skilled in negotiating and drafting agreements to publish, sell, or license copyrighted materials. Often we are able to develop innovative protection strategies that advance a client’s ability to leverage copyrighted material through proper marketing. And we help our clients enforce copyright and related rights and defend their rights against claims of infringement brought by others.

Fitch Even is keenly aware that in today’s world, copyright issues are inseparable from concerns involving software, digital media, and the Internet, underscoring the importance of providing comprehensive advice to clients on multimedia copyright issues and protection. Copyright registrations on software, product appearances, and databases are among the innovative tools our copyright lawyers use. We proactively educate business clients on how to avoid infringement of copyrighted material through appropriate Internet use and downloading. And we also help handle the copyright issues involved with the transfer of traditional copyrighted media to the Internet, CDs, DVDs, and other high-tech communications applications. Whether dealing with cutting-edge or more-traditional media, we know how to secure full protection and facilitate practical use at every stage of copyrighted material development and application.

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