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Food and Agricultural Sciences

Bringing food from farm to table today involves more innovation than ever before, in agricultural equipment, food safety, marketing and green packaging, to name a few of the many areas where Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery’s expertise is in demand. Our firm’s work with global leaders in food and agriculture includes representation of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of farm equipment in multiple patent infringement cases as well as a 95-year relationship with one of the world’s largest food and beverage producers.

Representation of clients in this space requires our attorneys to be conversant with unique market forces and business realities, as well as a wide range of technologies, from biology to chemistry to mechanical engineering to computer science and electronics. The breadth of our firm’s legal and technical expertise and the depth of our bench enable us to provide unequaled support to food and agriculture clients who need to develop and protect innovations and brands while navigating through minefields of competitors’ intellectual property.

Fitch Even’s work for our clients in the food and agriculture sectors is truly global. Our attorneys frequently meet with clients and colleagues throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We work with IP attorneys and agents throughout the world to help our clients understand the nuances of varying IP laws and regulations affecting their international business objectives. And we develop and implement best practices for navigating the complex maze of legal and regulatory requirements to protect intellectual property in these sectors as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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