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Entertainment and Media

Television and radio networks, production companies, performing talent, advertisers, and many other clients in the entertainment and media industries turn to Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP for advice on copyrights, licensing, syndication, defamation, branding, merchandising, and First Amendment rights. With decades of insider experience and high-level relationships with emerging and established creative talent and production companies, Fitch Even lawyers represent prominent entertainment and media companies as well as individual actors, writers, directors, producers, composers, animators, and graphic designers. In addition, we serve as outside counsel to several major broadcast and cable networks.

Our entertainment and media lawyers are highly skilled in providing practical and timely guidance that anticipates the legal needs of our clients. A senior member of our practice team was Deputy General Counsel for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), representing the network in all domestic and international copyright matters, copyright issues involving cable royalties, and production contracts for some of the best-known PBS programs and series. We understand the business concerns and intellectual property issues involved in television and radio production deals, program acquisitions, rights clearances, syndication, FCC content review, and other issues involved in bringing media content to the public.

Structuring and documenting contractual agreements that protect all copyright and trademark concerns is an important part of our work. For example, our firm is skilled at drafting product integration agreements that promote client products and brands through scripted material in television, motion picture, and other media productions. Similarly, we negotiate and implement

  • Radio, television, and film production and distribution deals

  • Celebrity endorsement and publicity arrangements

  • Print, online, radio, and television syndication, licensing, and merchandising arrangements

  • Talent agreements for actors, musicians, and songwriters

  • Rights acquisitions and clearances in all media, including those that address royalty issues

In dealing with entertainment and media talent, we understand that their true passion is for creating their art, not tending to business details. Often we need to balance a client’s immediate desire to record an album, publish a book, or sell a screenplay with the long-term benefits that such talent creates. Our lawyers take the time to understand the career goals and objectives of creative artists, and use our negotiating skills to ensure that the intellectual property embodied by our clients’ artistic production is properly protected, and that this protection is enforced against infringement and other violations. Our innovation and skill at advising these and all other entertainment and media clients matches the high standards they expect and reflects our lawyers’ years of industry experience.

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